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Cusco, Machu picchu challenge 7days, 6 nights


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Cusco Machu Picchu

First day

Upon arrival in Lima, we will safely handle your transfer for your internal flight to Cusco and the sacred valley. We start the tour with a visit to a farm where you will see llamas and alpacas up close and the local Andean artisans creating beautiful traditional weavings. You will have the opportunity to shop right there before and get your first personal experience with Andean people from nearby communities. Our next stop is Pisac, the Inca outpost that was built during the Inca Empire expansion of the 13th century. After being introduced to and touring that historic site, we hike to, and explore, the religious retreat and other beautiful Inca trails nearby. Our picnic lunch spot will be an open place with gardens, trees, flowers, and birds. Lunch will be a relaxing time to enjoy spectacular views. Next we will hike and tour the Inka Tambo, which is an administrative installation, and fortress of Ollantaytambo, again, spectacular hikes and settings. This fortress city and Machu Picchu were also built during the years of the Inca Empire expansion. Overnight accommodations will be in a hotel in Ollantaytambo, a true Inca town.

Second day

We will take the train to the beginning of the Inka Trail at the start of the 11kilometer hike to the entrance of Machu Picchu citadel where our first breath taking glimpse of the ruins will be form a life-long impression. This view is exquisite and our first steps towards the site will feel like nothing we have ever experienced before. We will ride a bus down to our riverside hotel where we will have some time to relax and have dinner.

Third day

Today we return to Machu Picchu to explore, learn and live the experience to the fullest. Analysis of Carbon 14 dating of soil and organic material shows that this place was probably built in the 1400. It is believed that it was built by the Inka Pachscutek as a religious and astronomical retreat and to serve as his palace. Positioned and designed for access to different natural resources, medicinal plants and all the celestial bodies that were important to the people. We will discover the fine stone work in the palaces, temples, impressive architecture and engineering, and we will begin to understand the function of the astronomical observatory. We will cross an Inka bridge and take some time to relax, energize, meditate, revitalize before returning to Cusco by train. We will check into our hotel in Cusco, relax, have dinner and visit Cusco Plaza de Armas and wander among the Inka streets.

Fourth day

Today we go river rafting in one of the tributaries of the mighty Amazon, the sacred river of the Inkas. Our adventure takes us onto the waters of the Vilcanota River where we will raft class III and IV, enjoying the thrill of the great rapids and incredible views. We will have lunch along the river before returning to Cusco for a relaxing afternoon at our colonial hotel.

Fifth day

Today we will hike the Rainbow Mountain with spectacular views of the Vilcanota Mountain range with several glaciers and high landscapes and grasslands. There is usually herds of alpacas and llamas along the way and Quechua People from the nearby communities. We have a picnic lunch and we return to our hotel back in Cusco.

Sixth day

Today your will explore the sacred city of Cusco. The capital of the Inka Empire was built in the 1200s. “Cusco” means the navel of the world. We will visit the Temple of the Sun Koricancha, who was the center of the Inka religion. This temple is dedicated to the Sun, Stars, Moon, Lightening. This site was very sacred and was inhabited by royalty and nobility. Here, the solar priest and priestesses practiced their solar culture, rituals, and high ceremonies honoring different deities. Astronomers made the observations of the moon, stars, and sun by their rituals and ceremonies, dedicated to their deities. Wandering through the Inka streets and parts of the Inka Trail, we will make our way to the Inka fortress of Saqsayhuaman. Here were we will see Inka ceremonial place and witness the impressive, gigantic stone work with its extremely fine masonry. Saqsayhuaman was built by the 1400s by the Inka Pachacutek and is aligned with the winter solstice. On the 21st of June, with the city, it creates the shape of a solar puma. The first ray of the sun illuminates the streets and city, recreating the spectacular figure of the sacred solar puma. Your afternoon is free so you can visit colonial churches, a farmers’ market and explore the city streets and sights.

Seventh day

Transfer to the airport for your flight from Cusco to Lima. In Lima, we will assist you with your international connections.


In and out Itinerary: Transport roundtrip from Cusco-Licensed, Bilingual, history and naturalist Tour Guides-All Itinerary Meals, including vegetarian & snacks, Safety orientation and Equipment for optional activities-First Aid kit and Oxygen-Tour Expedition grade tents-Dining tent, Cook & Services, staff, Porters 01 perperson-Ecological, portable toilets-All Entrance Tickets-Bus up and down for Machu Picchu-Pre-purchased Return Train connections to Cusco.optional hikes in Machu picchu and Huayna picchu mountains and the Intipunku Inca trail

Hotels 3 stars colonial and moderno hotels.


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