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Mountain Bike in the Andes

mountain bike in the andes

Mountain Bike in the Andes

We have the best mountain bike tours down hill and cross country with single and wide trails with the best bikes double suspensión and front suspensión. There exist a multiplicity of trails of varying degrees and multiple options with gradient,drops,jumps,single trails, roads ,dirt and gravel conditions and section to speed up for mountain bike.which the local population has blazed and walked for centuries over the ancient topography. This tour gives you the opportunity to “choose your own challenge”; or you can follow one of our pre-designed programs. We can also link up networks of bike routes which include an assortment of cultural and archaeological features as well as scenic landscape and the presence of some flora and fauna.


Meals, picnic lunches, Equipment and gear, bikes cross country and double suspension (knee and elbow protection, helmets, gloves. Transportation Bus in and out. And Bike Guides. First aid. Radio communication.

DAY 1 – Mountain bike Sacred Valley trail

Crossing the sacred valley of the Incas; Pick up at Hotel in Cusco followed by a one-hour drive southeast. Near the village of Huambutio we reach the beginning of the bike trail which follows along the banks of the sacred Urubamba River, of mystical significance to the Incas. Through this section the trail easy to moderate thus allowing one to become familiarized with the route and the bike and the conditions, up and downs to develop good physical conditions since the trail have few gradients but mostly is flat sections to run. Altogether we spend four hours biking with sections for speed and narrow passes with gravel and dirt conditions. We will finish in the town of Pisac.Total distance approximation is 60kmLunch consists of a picnic in the middle of a wonderful natural setting. Back to Cusco.

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DAY 1 – Chinchero, Moray trail

Pick up at the Hotel then we drive northeast to the village of Chinchero, at which point we start our full day’s biking trip. After last minute preparatory details, we start on what is at first a dirt road, parts single trail. And eventually becomes a succession of flat, slightly sloping broad plateaus with some ups and downs for 20 kilometers then down through a gravel dirt conditions wide trail road, eventually reaching the Inca Archaeological Site of Moray with its impressive circular terraces. The served as experimental agricultural installations and we spend 30 minutes hiking around and into them. This is an easy to moderate trail, the biking takes place at altitudes ranging between 9000 to 12500 feet above sea level for 20 kilometers and 1, 30 to 2 hours. In the afternoon, during this journey we descend biking into the Sacred Valley spectacular views of the Urubamba mountain range, with turns and sections of speed. All dirt and gravel conditions. Total distance 40 km.

DAY 1:Abra Málaga to Santa Maria trail

After a scenic drive to the top of Malaga pass (14,000 feet above sea level), we encounter our trail head of today’s biking trip. There is a previous practice run before we begin the main trail, after which we plunge down into the altogether different ecosystem of the eastern slope of the Cordillera, rapidly descending from highlands to rain forest and jungle vegetation over a 80 kilometers. A spectacular descent. After lunch, we go own to the town of Santa Maria where we will finish our descent mainly on the pave road with sections of speed and many turns and curves during the descent.

DAY 1 – Lares trail

We will drive from Pisac town for about 1 hour. We go east north to the beginning of our trail for mountain bike journey for about 3 to 4 hours. Our section today is moderate to semi difficult t. After getting ready all the equipment and our bike .we will begin this incredible descend (about 30 to 45 kilometers) on gravel trail with some Incas stone work remains along the trails. Couple place we walk to preserve the remains of the Inca trail.. We will go through different Interandean valleys for 3 to 4 hours. This trail have different conditions most of the way down it have one inclination of 30 to 15 degrees. We pass through some narrow sections where we need to ride the bike with balance. Also in some section of the trail we will have to used our experience and adapt in order to understand the conditions of the trail going down because in some sections we have stairs and small rocks formation so we will need to use our skills and good equilibrium until we reach the hot springs where we will stop for our picnic lunch and hot springs.. After the bath we will have some more downhill in wide gravel road reaching the town of Calca late afternoon, where we will finish the mountain bike. After we will drive to Cusco city.

DAY 1 – Cusco trail

Today we are off on a good and short trail, which you actually repeat at least a couple of times if you care to, with sections of jumps, small rumps and speed areas as well down the hill. After 3 hours we end in the town of San Sebastian near Cusco. This is a good trail but request some mountain bike experience since there are single and difficult sections down with jumps and many rock obstacles as well narrow passes.

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