nazca lines

Nazca lines

Nazca lines

The Nazca’s were originated in the coast of Peru as well with the Paracas culture who were before them in the same area in a very dry desert call it the Atacama Desert were this civilization built the Nazca lines. Nazca means the people of the sandy places; this culture built one of the amazing places in the world. The time line where the Nazca live here dated was from 700 AD to the 1100 AD, when they were conquered by the Chancas coming from the Andes and expanding their territory who occupied this place and territory by the 1100 hundreds ad and took all his knowledge in hydraulic technics besides other technology from the Nazca’s this event occurred after a war in between the two civilizations. The Nazca’s had great technology in hydraulic technics to obtain water from one of the dries places in the world by using conical shapes holes and siphons in the desert to get the water from underground as well they had an advance technology in agriculture and astronomy as well in the construction of the lines.

Apparently the lines were built with a sophisticated method of mathematical equations and measures since when you see the lines you will understand that they did about 60 cm by removing the layer s of oxide of iron in the dirt, sand and the calcification on the botom will maintane and remain the lines a matemática equatiob will be requiere as well if not really the removing work and diggibg prrhaps the scale and magnitud of the work done and the perfection to obtain the magnificent figures.

As well a very intricate method of calculations and measuring’s in a very aligned way so they can be perfectly aligned and pointed one each other and with the sky and constellations as we know. The purpose of the lines still in the mystery since they not see what they were building and the only way to see it is by flying over which is something very difficult in these times but what scholars say is that was a ceremonial place dedicated to the Gods to worship them as well it was an advance center of astronomy since the lines resemble some of the constellations that we know in modern times. For example the spider constellation was also the Orion belt in modern times.

Also the lines and directed to the sources of water even some of the lines are pointing the jungles and mountain of Peru where the water come from, you need to understand that water was vital for them to survive. What is amazing is that lines have a very complex mathematical system and they perfectly match with the firmament and the constellation as well vary simetric.they are hundreds of figures and designs that resemble animals and other goods and objects of this culture, for example the humming bird figure that is found in this place.

Not matter still in the mystery and all kind of controversies come out of the origins and the methods that they did used perhaps they say that some of the lines where built before nazca times and speculation related this place with the extraterrestrial that came here to this desert to obtains minerals for energy for their space ships and the Nazca in return of this incredible event build the lines to worship then and wait for their return so the build the lines to oriented them in their return. However despite these speculations and what we know is that this place was astronomical and ceremonial but still a lot to find out about this amazing civilization of ancient Peru.


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