Hi Alvaro, Made it home. It was a long 1 1/2 days to get back, seemed to take FOREVER. I had wanted to say a few things to you before you left the airport, but it never seemed like the right time, what with all of the rushing and confusion and so many people standing around us. I had finally found my words but never got the chance to use them. Oh well, such is life. Mostly I wanted to tell you that I think you have a gift and I would not like to see you give up your dream. You took such good care of Lois and me, it was amazing, really. Not many quides would put that much work and energy into two middle aged women! I can’t imagine what kind of trip/journey we would have had if you hadn’t been the one quiding us. Thank you! I sat next to a gentleman on the plane who was also returning from Cusco and Machu Picchu. When I told him all of the things we had done, he kept saying. “we didn’t do that, we never saw that!“ You really did show us a lot. I am writing this also so that you don’t get the last word or have the chance to disagree with me!. ha ha. Thanks again, your friend, Mary

Passenger: Mary Lukes | Country: USA | Date: 2012/02/07

Hi Alvaro; I just wanted to write and thank you again for facilitating an amazing trip for us to Peru. It was so much more than I had hoped for, in so many ways. Your hard work and attention to detail made our trip a journey that I will remember forever. You also have a great team that made the trip so great. Malena is such a magical person and is a fantastic masseuse, the porters, Anastacio, Lorenzo, Martin, Simon, Apolinar, Felix our cook, and Aurelio our driver. We were also very impressed with how environmental your company is, very impressed! Thank you for working towards a better planet. Our trek on the Inca Trail was the highlight of our trip but every day you seemed to have something wonderful planned for us, special for us. How lucky we were to have you as our quide. I hope our paths cross again, Your friend, Louis

Passenger: Louis | Country: USA | Date: 2011/11/01

Hello, Alvaro and staff,guides,porters,cooks,mules and horses wranglers,drivers. It is exactly one week since we got back from Peru, and I still cannot help thinking about the fantastic multi-sport trip that you guided us through. The rafting and cycling combined with archeological visits was a great idea. But the trek was probably the most challenging and memorable. You were right: the night sky at Salkantay Pass was spectacular, as was the view of the snow-capped peaks in the moonlight.
My only regret is that I did not bring an extra coat to put over my fleece and thermals so that I could stay outside longer to enjoy the constellations and Milky Way. We want to thank you for being such a great guide and staff and performing a few miracles for us. Bob still managed to complete the trek even if his shoes fell apart on day 2, thanks to the rope tying expertise. To cope with the shoe-related delay, you managed to get us into a small homey campsite nearby to avoid having to trek several more hours in the dark. And at Machu Picchu, you got us tickets to go into Wayna Picchu even though they were sold out. Lastly, you were always with your antenna out, and your mind was always recomputing, with thoughts on how to make our trip better. I could almost hear you think! So I was not surprised that you heard about the sudden landslide on the train tracks way before it was announced to the passengers, and we were able to immediately get off the the next station and rent a vehicle, instead of being stuck for hours. Amazing! And after all this, we are now friends, and hope you will stay in touch. We certainly will recommend you to all our friends and hope to return some day ;-). Abrazos, Viva

Passenger: Viva Banzon | Country: Miami | Date: 2013/02/07

It is great to hear from you and I hope you are well. We thought that you and the staff,David,Nestor,Noel, Leo probably ran out of time for your plane flight in Puerto Maldonado and that was why we did not get to say goodbye to you. We looked in the boys’ backpacks and found your Machu Picchu pictures. We can mail them to you if you will email us your address. Thanks again for your excellent work guiding us through Peru. We are still excited about this trip. It was a great adventure for us and we will always be grateful for having met you and having you as our guide. Just email us your address and we will mail the Machu Picchu photos to you.

Passenger: Greg Weaver | Country: E.E.U.U | Date: 2008-07-27

Buenos dias! Llegamos a los Estados Unidos hoy después de haber disfrutado mucho en tu país. Gracias por todas tus atenciones. Por lo pronto te aviso que el libro que ordenamos en la librería que se iba entregar en el hotel no llego antes que nos fuimos de Cusco. Lo bueno es que encontramos el mismo libro en el aeropuerto en Cusco en nuestra idioma. Pero como ya habíamos dejado el libro pagado, quiero que vayas tú a conseguir un libro para ti mismo usando el crédito. Mañana te mandare por correo electrónico una copia de nuestro recibo para que vayas a escoger un libro para tu uso. Nos fue muy bien en Ica y Nasca, pero todos nosotros estuvimos de acuerdo que el guía y en todos los otros lugares que visitamos, no se compararon con tu entusiasmo y intelecto. Te agradezco todo que hiciste para mi familia y mi papa. Nunca esperaba poder bajar a mi papa a ver a Machu Picchu y por esto, te agradezco con todo mi corazón. Me disculpas mi español escrito. Espero que puedas entender que intento a comunicar. Entre amistades te tengo muchos consejos y platica en general, si me permites en emails en el futuro. Yo pienso que te entiendo bien, porque si te acuerdas, soy de otra época (aunque no lo siento)! Sin más por el momento, me quedo a tus órdenes. Entre amistades te tengo muchos consejos y platica en general, si me permites en emails en el futuro. Yo pienso que te entiendo bien, porque si te acuerdas, soy de otra época (aunque no lo siento)! Sin más por el momento, me quedo a tus órdenes Mary (Maria) L. Carranco

Passenger: Mary L. Carranco | Country: E.E.U.U. | Date: 2008-04-07

I just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work you did to make our Inca Trail experience so great. We had a wonderful time and will never forget you, the porters, or the trail itself. I particularly appreciated your interest and knowledge of flowers, history, and archeological sites. Hope you and Dianna are having a good week of rafting.

Passenger: Ann Widmer | Country: E.E.U.U | Date: 2002-01-07

Hello there! thanks again for the great trip- you have a great staff and team workers? I am home after a very long day- I hope you are well-love ao (andrea).

Passenger: Andrea | Country: USA | Date: 2001-11-09

Just a note to say again how much I appreciated having all of you as our guides. There could be no better introduction to the people, places, and culture of Cuzco and the surrounding area. You are a star! I have been home over a week now but my thoughts and dreams are still in Peru. I was so sorry to miss the last night. It sounded like great fun, but I was especially sorry that I did not have the chance to say goodbye and thank you personally. I left an envelope with $45 in it for you. Did it reach you safely?. There’s a chance I may come back next summer with my daughter. If our plans work out, I’ll let you know. With sincere thanks and best wishes.

Passenger: Deni Bown | Country: United Kingdom | Date: 2001-11-26

I am one of the people who was with the Women’s Travel Group during Christmas. I want to let you know that we all thought that you were an excellent guides team. Your knowledge and enthusiasm really made the Cuzco/Machu Picchu part of the trip fun and interesting. In fact, I think that you are the team who we will use to judge all other guides. I think I would like my next trip to be more physically challenging. There is a Womens Adventure Travel site on the Web that sounds interesting. I don’t know when I will come back to Peru, but if you have any interesting tours that come up, please let me know. I enjoy the natural world as well as the history of its people. Thanks for your great work!

Passenger: Susan Cooper | Country: Canada | Date: 2001-01-31

I wanted to let you know that we all arrived home safely and to thank you again for helping us to have such a wonderful trip. You really did make it special for all of us. It was very hard to come back, I had serious thoughts of staying in Peru but I am not sure what I would do with myself. I do plan to come back and I hope to be able to see you all on my next trip. Trekking the Inca Trail is truly a life changing experience. I am hoping that it will be the start of a more happier time in my life. I brought a small piece of Macchu Picchu granite home with me as a symbol of a new start. I hope this message finds you safe and happy. Take care of yourself and stay in touch.

Passenger: Denise | Country: USA | Date: 2000-07-14

Good evening, I am writing this on Sunday evening, almost a week since we left Peru. I am sure you know that we all had a wonderful time, a wonderful experience and just a lot of fun. I want to make sure that you know what we all thought of you. It was a joy having you as our guide and friend. I hope you understood that I was being very serious when I said that you are a “really nice human being“ There are not too many nicer compliments I can think of. You anticipated all of the important moments and showed care and understanding beyond your years. You were fun to be with. You are the quintissential example of what a guide should be. I honestly hope that our paths will cross again.

Passenger: Esther | Country: E.E.U.U | Date: 2000-05-21

Hey Peruecoadventures and cultural trips, This is Ty from the 4 day Macchu Picchu trek. How’s it going? Just wanted to write to say thanks again for the enthusiastic and well informed trip. Anyways, keep up the good work and hope your next trips go well. Drop a line when you get a minute.

Passenger: Shelly | Country: USA | Date: 2001-04-25

Thanks again for your help during our two days at Machu Picchu.Herewith a very detailed account of our whole South American trip. I have it in an illustrated book combined with about 300 photographs but I am sure you will find at least some of the text interesting.
Best regards

Passenger: Keith, Amy and Demi | Country: USA | Date: 2000/11/01

Dear Alvaro,
I have not forgotten you!
Thanks again for your help during our two days at Machu Picchu.
Herewith a very detailed account of our whole South American trip. I have it in an illustrated book combined with about 300 photographs but I am sure you will find at least some of the text interesting.
Best regards,
Keith, Amy and Demi

Passenger: Keith Brookes | Country: USA | Date: 2001/12/01

Senor Alvaro,
I have two sets of 25 pictures for you. The pictures I am sending this time
are 4 x 6 versions which take up less disk space. The others which look great on the computer monitor would need to be mailed to you. If you would like them, mail me an address and I can send you a CD with the pictures.
I purchased music CD’s from 3 different groups that we saw in Cusco.
They were: Kuntur, Mochica, & Chakana. I also found a cassette from a Lima artist named Nancy Manchego. I heard her music on Radio Mundo in Cusco. Great stuff.
Its raining here now and we just got back from eating at a Peruvian restaurant here in Charlotte. They had Inka Kola although I had a beer. Been on any trips lately? Hope all is well. Hasta luego.
Dave Swaringen & Maha Swede
1324 Redcoat Drive
Charlotte, North Carolina
28211 USA

Passenger: Dave Swaringen | Country: North Carolina / USA | Date: 2000/08/01

Thanks for putting up with all of us on the trip. I had a terrific time – Peru was more beautiful than I even imagined. I was very impressed by all the ruins as well – the Incas were extremely clever. Here is the article about the lost city I read about a month or so ago:
I also have an article clipped out. If you’d like I can send it to you – just let me know.
I hope everything went well on your jungle trip!
Keep in touch,

Passenger: Kristine | Country: USA | Date: 2000/02/21

Hello Alvaro,
I am writing in English so I don’t have to think so hard!
I am sending you the invoice from the bookstore so that you can go and get a book equal to the value of the book we did not receive (it is the last one on the invoice–S/.50. Please take a copy of this to the bookstore and get a good book.
Also, today I am sending you something I think you can use. I have two copies of the National Geographic map you showed us at Machu Picchu so I am going to share one with you. Yours is beginning to show some wear (I can tell it has been used!) and I figured you could use it as you begin to start your own business. Inside the map I have put something else–Chendo thought I was going to give it to you and I thought he was going to give it to you.
A token of thanks for your assistance. May I send the package to the address on your website? I assume the Peruvian mail system is reliable.
Best regards, Mary
Mary K. Lawson-Carranco
Certified Public Accountant
Carranco & Lawson, P.C.
6553 Star Court
Laredo, TX 78041
Tel. (956) 726-0489 Fax (956) 726-6527

Passenger: Mary K. Lawson-Carranco | Country: USA | Date: 2001/11/01

Hi Alvaro,
How was your trip down the Rio Tambopata? I am sure you had an exciting time. The expedition was discussed in an article in a little magazine called “Peru Today” that we were given in Lima. If you’d like, send me your address in Cusco and I’ll mail it to you.
You were a great guide and made our trip very enjoyable. We were asked by International Expeditions for our opinion of the trip and we wrote good things about you, so maybe you will get more money!! 😉 We really enjoyed Peru and hope to return some day soon.
Thanks again for sharing your knowledge of Machu Picchu and Cusco with us, and best wishes in your future endeavors.

Passenger: Mary J. | Country: USA | Date: 2011/11/01

Steve & Elaine Paulson
Hello Alvaro We were with some of our Indiana University friends last Saturday. We had fun remembering our trip.Lamar would like to have some brochures about the Gold Museum in Lima which we visited. If you could send us some, we will reimburse the postage. Hope all is well with you.
Thanks, Joan and Lamar Gaston 212 Sequoya Road, Louisville Kentucky 40207.

Passenger: Steve & Elaine Paulson | Country: USA | Date: 2001/21/11

I got your sandals and they look great. You are going to be the coolest river guide out there!! I will send them this week but I just wanted to confirm your address. I have:
After I send them, I will e-mail you how much it all cost. I found them on sale so we saved about $20 which is great.
Everything over in San Diego is fabulous. The sun is shining and the beach is gorgeous. Carrie is going to Las Vegas this weekend so they better watch out. Casey is starting school soon and moving into a new place…………….with boys. Could get dangerous. Mom and dad are great and trying to finish the house.
We just got all our pictures developed so I will try to send you some.
They are fantastic. Take care and say hello to the Peruecoadventures and cultural trips staff, they did a wonderfull work,wwell organize and experience beside caring for the people and environment
Love Kelly

Passenger: Kelly | Country: USA | Date: 2002/06/01